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Eye of the Tiger Scavenger Hunt Winners

2016-2017 School Year
Eye of the Tiger Scavenger Hunt
October 10 – 14, 2016

It's time for the Eye of the Tiger Scavenger Hunt. Four Tiger Eyes are hidden somewhere on the campus at EHS.

All four eyes have been found! Congrats to the senior class for finding all four eyes!

Here’s how you could have solved the clues!
Day 1: The path was the path to the gazebo, recycling center, greenhouse area and the OWLS center across the road.
Day 2: Quick Response referred to the QR codes at all of the OWLS locations.
Day 3: The clue led you outside.
Day 4: There are 17 QR codes in total at the OWLS site. The owl on the bottom corner was another clue.



Day 1 Clue:

Day 2 Clue:

Day 3 Clue:

Day 4 Clue:




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