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Biology Class Documents 2

SEe the attached files for worksheets, labs, etc used in class

There is a sign on to get to the online text book

Go to:

Click on bubbles for Science and High School

Click on state of KS

Click on GO

Click on picture of book (green with alligator cousin on cover)

Scroll down to see ONLINE TEXTBOOK

Enter the following information:

Username:  GHSbiology

Password:  bio2008

pdfOutside Reading Report Rubric pdfClass Rules pdfForms - Student Agreement pdfForms - Computer Ettiquette pdfForms - Computer and Internet pdfForms - Student Safety Pledge pdfForms -Student Information Sheet pdfForms - Syllabus and Safety pdfBiology Glossary pdfDNA RNA Fact Sheet note worksheet for ppt pdfPower Point--DNA transcription and translation pdfEvolution PBS Series -- if you missed the videos in class pdfHIV Websites pdfPodCast of Life pdfBiology Lab Report Rubric pdfLab -DNA computer lab pdfLab-DNA Communication pdfLab-Clothesline RNA pdfLab Worksheet - DNA Extraction pdfLab--DNA Model Pieces pdfLab - DNA Modeling pdfDissection--Crayfish pdfDissection - Earthworm pdfDissection - Fish pdfDissection - Frog pdfDissection - Grasshopper pdfDissection - Starfish parts pdfDissection - Starfish pdfEarth Day Puzzle pdfEnergy Hog packet - ecology unit pdfLab Worksheet--Kaleidosocpe Milk Observation Lab pdfLab Worksheet - Manipulating Independent Variables pdfLab Worksheet - Microscope Scavenger Hunt pdfLab Worksheet - M&Ms and Scientific Method pdfLab-Oxygen M&M Lab pdfLab worksheet- Modeling Cell Surface to Volume Ratio pdfLab worksheet--modeling cross over pdfLab Worksheet-Modeling Meiosis pdfLab Worksheet - Mitosis: Chromosome Replication & Division pdfLab worksheet - Mitosis Onion Root Cells pdfLab Worksheet - Probability Practice pdfLab Worksheet- Yeast Fermentation pdfworksheet---evolution pdfThe Organ Trail pdfLab - Observation in Science pdfComputer Lab Worksheet - Cell Structure pdflab-computer--Cells Alive worksheet pdfLab--computer--cell structure pdfMicroscopes pdfBiology in the News pdfDVD Worksheet--Darwin's Dangerous Idea pdfDVD Worksheet-Photosynthesis pdfSteps of Scientific Method pdfMetric System Fact Sheet pdfCell Parts Worksheet pdfAn Introduction to Cells pdfPlant Stoma and Transpiration part 1 pdfPlant Stoma and Transpiration part 2 pdfMitosis Meiosis Protocol pdfPhases of Meoisis