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Air Quality - Ozone Interactive


Endagered Species Interactive Map


Endangered Species


Nature's Notebook

Observe nature in your backyard or a nearby area for a few minutes each week and share your data. You can choose a specific plant or animal species to observe or join one of Nature’s Notebook’s campaigns. Researchers, resource managers, educators and others use your data for scientific discovery and decision-making

Energy - Energy Audit


Exponential Growth and Death--Populations


Polar - Ice Map


Habitat and Migration Interactive


Population - World Clock


Mineral Identification


Polar - Weather at Antarctica


Climate - Snow Data


Community Collaborative Rain, Hail, Snow Network

Every drop counts! Learn how to measure precipitation using a rain gauge and hail pad, record your data and report your measurements online. Data collected by volunteers complements observations made by the National Weather Service and is used by local meteorologists, researchers, emergency managers, farmers, outdoor enthusiasts, teachers and others.

Ice Watch USA
  • Help scientists study climate change by sharing your winter observations of a water body, including the presence of snow, ice and wildlife throughout the season. The data you collect may be shared with scientists, research institutions and government agencies who are studying how climate change affects our environment.
old weather (use to create climate models)

Help scientists recover Arctic and worldwide weather observations made by United States ships since the mid-19th century by transcribing ships' logs. These transcriptions will contribute to climate model projections and will improve our knowledge of past environmental conditions. Historians will use your work to track past ship movements and tell the stories of the people on board.

Interactive Periodic Table


WOW Bugs


Energy - Energy Explained


Climate - Climate One Stop


Climate - To What Degree


Ocean - Sea level maps


Desert - Rainshadow effect


Climate - Eyes on Earth


Climate NASA


Dynamic Earth - Volcanoes


Polar - Cyrosphere Tour


Population - Population Growth Site


On Line Science


Podcasts -- NOVA


Climate - National Climatic Data Center


Climate - Climate Challenge


Energy - Academy of Energy


Polar - 2041 Antarctica


Strange Days Interactive Market


Alternative Energy - Biofuel


Climate - Global Climate Key Websites link page


Climate - Up-to-Date Climate, Weather and Wildfires


Climate - Global Climate Change


Climate - Climate Time Machine


Grasslands - Natural Kansas


Grasslands - Nature Conservatory of KS


NOVA Science NOW


World Resources Institute


Polar - Beyond Pequins and Polar Bears


Stop Extinction


Grasslands - Plant Identification


Dyck Arboretum


Climate - Global Warming info from EPA


Green Web Challenge Interactive


Climate - Climate Change Challenge Interactive


Freshwater - Frogs as indicator species


Freshwater - Groundwater video


Climate - Difference between climate and weather


freshwater - surf your watershed


Energy - Consumer Guide to Efficiency and Renewable Energy


Energy - energy experience


Consumer Consequences


Forests - Dr. Arbor Talks Trees


Energy - Westar Energy for Kids


Glaciers - All About Glaciers


National Environment Foundation


Climate - Project Earth Interactive


Extreme Earth Challenge Interactive


Climate - Q & A Climate Change


Earth Day TV


Alternative Energy - Space Solar Power


Climate - Wild Wild Climate


Green Clean Schools


North American Mammals


Lewis and Clark Naturalists


Alternative Energy - Solar


Alternative Energy - Corn Power


Earth Day Footprint


Breathing Earth


What causes caves?


Nature Journal


Kansas Don't Spoil It


Marine - School of Rock


International Polar Year


Marine - Pequins Around the World


Environmental Education Week




Science Buddies


Weather Channel for Kids


Roots and Shoots


Cool School Challenge


Act Green!


Marine - Respect the Beach


Earth Pulse


Alternative Energy - Wind Power Simulator from National Geographic


Desert - 4deserts


Eco Meet


Alternative Energy - Kid Wind


Food/Nutrition - From Pasture to Plate


Earth 911


Earth Day


Home Depot Eco Options


Forests - Exploring the Environment


Forests - Arbor Day


Grasslands - Savanna Kids Do Ecology


BLM Learning Landscapes

Learn how Native American ancestors lived harmoniously with the land and look at the environment from a different viewpoint

Grasslands - Fire Ecology




Ecological Footprint


Earth Sky


Dynamic Earth - Deep Earth Academy


Encylopedia of the Earth


Grasslands - Savanna Animals


Grasslands - Protect the Flint Hills


Grasslands - Tropical Savannas


Grasslands - Neotropical Grasslands


Grasslands - Chapparral


Grasslands - Fire Ecology


Grasslands - The Flint Hills


Rainforest - Evergreen


Marine - Coral Reefs Rainforests of the Sea


Marine - Great Barriar Reef Virtual Interactive


Marine - Blue Planet Interactive


Marine - Sharkrunners


Marine - Kelp Forest Interactive


Marine - All About Otters


Marine - Virtual Dive to Titanic


Freshwater - Florida Everglades


Marine - Estuaries


Freshwater - Raindrops to Rivers


Water Use It Wisely


Marine - Shoreline Ecology


Marine - Otter Cam


Earth Summit


IUCN International Union for the Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources


CITES Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species


Action 350 - Air Quality


Alternative Energy Resources


Grasslands - Geo Kansas


National Geogaphic Videos


JASON Project


Grasslands - Owl Pellet Lab


Marine Biome Computer Lab

Complete the online activities in the following order

1.  Webs of life   tasks 1-5

2.  Journey to the Deep

3.  Dive into the Abyss

4.  Open Ocean

Waste - Wonderful World of Waste


Ecology Kids


Environmental Facts from EPA




National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration


Drive Smart, Save Gas


Environmental Facts You Ought to Know


Scientific Method


Waste Management Thinking Green


Waste Watcher Interactive


Waste Interactive


waste - Super Heros Waste Sorting Interactive


Recycle City Interactive




Recycling Facts Guide


Sustainable Materials


Try It!


Dynamic Earth - Earth Science Week


Dynamic Earth - Plate Tectonics


Dynamic Earth - Structure of the Earth


Dynamic Earth


Dynamic Earth - Geography4Kids


Dynamic Earth - Earthquake


Extreme Explorer National Geographic


Evolution - Create an Organism Interactive


Evolution - PBS Evolution


Classification - Six Kingdoms of Life


Classification Interactive Game


Animal Classification Interactive Game


Classify This!


Segwick County Zoo Captive Breeding Program


National Parks Web Ranger Interactive


Grasslands - KS threatened and endangered species


Grasslands - Invasive Species


Grasslands - Invasive species of KS


Carbon Cycle Interactive Game


Energy Flow in Environment


Grasslands - KS Wildflowers and Grasses


Antarctica and National Science Foundation (NSF)




Polar Bear International


Polar Penquin Science


Polar Palooza


Antarctic Drilling and Research


CReSIS Center for Remote Sensing of Ice Sheets


Aurora Alive


Polar Tec


Comparing the Arctic and Antarctica


Ice Trade Interactive


Earth Observatory NASA


Grasslands - Bulid a Prairie


Biomes --What is it like to live at...


Desert USA


Wildfires Burn or Not to Burn


Blue Planet Sea Quiz


Blue Planet Biomes


Marine Ecology


Marine Biome Dive and Discover


BP Gulf Oil Spill Information


Marine Biome Kelp Forest


All About Otters


Marine Biome Discovery


BP Gulf Spill Health Issues


BP Oil Spill Map


Marine Biome Interactives


Ocean Sea Floor Interactive


Ocean Adventures - Marine Waste Interactive




EXTRA CREDIT - Build a Birdhouse


Global Warming Quiz


Recycle Bank


We Can Change


Get Caught Recycling


Action Bio Science (website for outside reading reports)


Great Plains Nature Center


Kids do Ecology




Landfill and water GIS Analysis


Environmental Blog Landfills


Nitrogen Cycle Animation


Carbon Cycle and Global Warming


Phosphorous Cycle Interactive


Carbon Cycle Interactive


Canopy in the Clouds


Rainforest Conservation


Rainforest Monkeys


Rainforest Concerns


Gorilla Quest


Rainforest Layers


Rainforest Layers


Amazon River Basin (Rainforest)


Rainforest Web Guide


Amazon Interactive


Rainforest Rainfall


Rainforest Info Center


Animals of Rainforest


Amazon Web Search


Virtual Rainforest at Night


IUCN Fabulous Forests


Rainforest - Paradise Earth


Journey Into the Amazon


National Parks - Climate Change


What Tree Is It?


Smokey Bear - Champion of Trees


Ecology of the Rocky Mts


Virtual Walk in the Woods


Forests You Tube


Heartbeat of the River


Ryan's Well


Groundwater Song


secchi disk simulation for turbidity of water


Maping Water Use


Water Calculator


UN Water for Life Decade


Stream Biology and Ecology


American Rivers


Groundwater Foundation


Water Keeper


Kansas Watershed


Wetlands Info


Groundwater Adventures


Freshwater Ecology


Wetland Ecology


Aquifer Interactive


Interactive Water Quiz


Safewater Interactive Quiz


Columbia River To Dam or Not to Dam


Columbia River Interactive


Watershed Interactive


Ecology-Water Calculator


Biology--Teen Wire

great information on human reproduction, STDs and safe sex

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