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About Denise Scribner

Hi!  I look forward to working with you in ECOLOGY--helping you learn that ecology is more than hugging trees; FORENSIC SCIENCE--learning the skills needed for crime scence investigations using the scientific process and math; BIOLOGY—helping you learn about life science and how it relates to the biosphere.

I am so excited to be working with each of you.  I have teaching degrees at the high school level for biology, zoology and physical education.  I believe in lifetime learning to keep up-to-date on the latest and greatest environmental information, so..... During the summer of 2017 I participated in a National Science Foundation course on Anarctica/Arctic Paleoecology.  In the summer 2016 I participated in two graduate course hours at K-State: Plants, People, Places, and Patterns and Ag in the Classroom and another graduate hour course from Ashland University GMO workshop--Seed to STEM . In 2015 I took two hours of graduate credit classes towards teacher recertification licensure. In the summer of 2014 I had a total knee replacement so I couldn't do much except physical therapy.   In the summer of 2013 I attended a CSI Camp at Arkansas State University (Jonesboro).   In the summer of 2012 I was selected as one of 24 teachers across the USA for the Fulbright Japan-U.S.A. Teacher Exchange on Environmental Sustainability.  In 2011 I attended my college graduate credit classes.  During the summer of 2010 I was selected to attend the Studies in Air Quality by NOAA at the University of Iowa and have taken other graduate level courses in past summers (Prairie Restoration 2009-Friends/Dyck Arboretum and Heat is On-Climate Change for the Classroom 2008 at KU). Whew!  Summer time = study time for teachers.

In June 2009 I was placed on the Kansas Environmental Literacy Leadership Team charged by governor's executive order to have all high school students become environmentally literate.  The team created a stragetic plan for environmental literacy and education for the state of Kansas.

In May 2019 I was presented with the Lifetime Achievement Award by Project Green Schools for my committment and dedication to environmental education helping students to become productive environmentally aware sustainable citizens.

In August 2017 I was one of ten teachers across the nation to win the grand prize for the Henry Ford’s Innovation Nation Teacher Innovation Award.  Earlier in June that same year I received the USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture and the National Agriculture in the Classroom Consortium “Excellence in Teaching about Agriculture Award” at a ceremony during the National Ag  in Classroom Conference see scroll to Denise Scribner.  In the Fall of 2016 I received the Kansas Foundation Ag in the Classroom Janet Sims Teacher of the Year Award, see   In  August, 2016 it was announced that I was the winner of the 2015 Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching representing the state of Kansas for grades 7-12 in the category of Science.  The awards presentation and professional deveopment activities were in Washington D.C. Sept 6-9, 2016.  Go to:  for more information.  Also in August I was informed that I won the Entomologist Foundation President’s Prize for Outstanding Education at the Secondary Level and attended the International Congress of Entomologists September 23-28, 2016 to receive the prize—the school also won some funds to purchase more entomology supplies. 

February 2016 I was named the Conservation Educator of the Year by the Kansas Wildlife Federation,the Outstanding Regional Science Educator of the Year by KATS—Kansas Association of Teachers of Science and won the President’s Prize for Outstanding Achievement in Secondary Education from the Entomological Foundation. As part of the prize I will be attending the International Congress of Entomology in September 2016 where over 6,000 scientists that study insects will be attending. 2013-2014 saw EHS winning the top ten award from Eco Schools, the Green Flag Award and the Kansas Green Schools of Excellence Award.   In April 2012 I was named the winner of the Presidential Innovation Award for Environmental Education award (1 of 17 teachers in the nation) by the White House Council on Environmental Quality and the EPA . In 2010 I won the Goddard Education Association Master Teacher award. In 2009 I was presented with the Award of Excellence for Environmental Education PreK-18 from the KS Dept of Health and Environment.  

At little bit about myself.  I am an identical twin.  I graduated from Emporia State University with a Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education.  I have been teaching (both formally in schools and informally with not-for-profit businesses) since 1976.  In December 2007 I joined the faculty at Goddard High School.  I then moved to Eisenhower High School August 2011 when it opened.

I am a pilot and fly single engine aircraft.  I have gone to Space Camp twice as part of the teacher-in-space program.  I have floated two of the three canyons of the Rio Grande at Big Bend National Park--far out--- and in the past taught white water canoeing and sailing!  I have ridden the mules to Phantom Ranch at the bottom of the Grand Canyon--cool geology!  I worked with Jack Horner and led a paleo dig with high school students in Montana for three summer seasons looking for bones and egg nests of the Maiasaura dinoaur (Good Mother Lizard).  During my last season I was lucky enough to make a significant find of another type of meat eating dinosaur that preyed on the plant eating maiasaur and had the site named after me "Scribner Slope."  Cool! 

I am a first aid/cpr Red Cross instructor.  I am a lifetime member with Girl Scouts of the USA.  I lived and worked in New York City for 10 years and survived the first World Trade Center bombing, three commuter strikes (no train, subway or buses to get to work), and a subway fire.  Prior to coming to the Goddard School District I returned home to Kansas to help out with my elderly parents and managed a not-for-profit outdoor education center for 8 years. 

In 2011 my ecology students won the President's Environmental Youth Award (only 10 given in the nation annually).  In 2012 Eisenhower High School won the Green Ribbon School award by the United States Department of Education. In 2014 EHS received the Kansas Green School Award and in 2015 EHS received the Green Flag Award from Eco-Schools (one of 4 in the nation).

I am a member of KABT-KS Assoc of Biology Teachers; NABT -National Association of Biology Teachers; NSTA-National Science Teachers Assoc; GEA-Goddard Educational Assoc; KNEA-KS National Educational Assoc; KATS-KS Assoc of Teachers of Science; KACEE-KS Association of Conservation and Environmental Education, NAAEE-North American Assoc of Environmental Education, Entomology Society of America, and NESTA--National Earth Science Teachers Association.  I attend meetings of each of these organizations regularly to keep up-to-date on the latest in teaching biology and environmental science/eoclogy.

I believe that every moment is a teachable one. So I can't wait to share some of these moments with you, let's have a great year.

Your teacher,

Denise Scribner


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