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Jessica Conner

AP Studio Art         Ceramics I          Ceramics II         Ceramics III         Ceramics IV         NAHS

Syllabus & Bellwork          Christmas Craft Worshop

Welcome to Eisenhower High School's Art Department.

Take a look at the amazing artwork our students are creating! 

Mrs. Conner's Schedule Aug- Dec 2017/ Dec- May 2018

1st Hour: Plan/ Plan

2nd Hour: Ceramics 3 / Ceramics 3

3rd Hour: Ceramics 1 & AP Studio Art / Ceramics 4

4th Hour: Ceramics 1 / Ceramics 2

5th Hour: Ceramics 2/ Ceramics 1

6th Hour: Ceramics 1 / Ceramics 1

7th Hour: Ceramics 1 / Ceramics 2


my contact information: (316)794-4100

Grading Policy: grades are entered every Friday.