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Eisenhower High School

Business Professionals of America


Mrs. Kristin Salazar

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BPA State Schedule – Date will be announced soon!

BPA 2019 State Results


1st Place

Derrick Harrington, 11; Advanced Accounting

Yoon Hee Choi, 12; Payroll Accounting

Kassidy Ballinger, 12; Integrated Office Applications

Kaden Keusler, 12; Advanced Spreadsheet & Database Applications

Caden Douglas, 12; Entrepreneurship

Katie Wells, 11; Graphic Design Promotion

2nd Place

Yoon Hee Choi, 11; Advanced Accounting

Nadia Beers, 12; Intermediate Word Processing

Gloria Gibler, 9; Basic Office Systems & Procedures

Briley Martin, 12; Advanced Office Systems & Procedures

Matt Brack, 11; Integrated Office Applications

Brayden Scott, 12; Advanced Spreadsheet Applications

Devin Adams, 12; Database Applications

Zach Walden, 10; PC Servicing & Troubleshooting

Jeremiah Shamblin, 11; Visual Basic Programming

Will Clothier, 10; C++ Programming

Alec Stewart, 12; Presentation Management Team

Caden Janzen, 12; Presentation Management Team

Allyson Montgomery, 10; Presentation Management Team

3rd Place

Will Clothier, 10; Visual Basic Programming

Cael Sanderson, 9; Computer Modeling

Larissa May, 12; Administrative Support Team

Katy Daugherty, 12; Administrative Support Team

Allison Chambers, 12; Administrative Support Team

Brian Vu, 11; Database Applications

Caleb McCue, 12; Payroll Accounting

Gloria Gibler, 9; Fundamental Word Processing

Brayden Scott, 12; Integrated Office Applications

Larissa May, 12; Advanced Office Systems & Procedures

4th Place

Andrew Torske, 9; Computer Modeling

Allyson Montgomery, 10; Database Applications

Grace Ellzey, 11; Legal Office Procedures

Grace Ellzey, 11; Business Law & Ethics

Emma Shermer, 12; Fundamental Accounting

Zach Zahner, 11; Integrated Office Applications

Emma Shermer, 12; Advanced Office Systems & Procedures

Teagan Mies, 12; Presentation Management Team

Morgan Bryand, 12; Presentation Management Team

Maggie Anderson, 12; Presentation Management Team

5th Place

Carsyn McCue, 9; Fundamental Spreadsheet Applications

Christian Hawkins, 12; PC Servicing & Troubleshooting

Jacob Dolezal, 11; Fundamental Accounting

Caden Janzen, 12; Payroll Accounting

Carsyn McCue, 9; Fundamental Word Processing

6th Place

Zach Zahner, 11; Intermediate Word Processing

Alex Taylor, 11; Payroll Accounting

Carter Flinkman, 10; Integrated Office Applications

Kassidy Ballinger, 12 Graphic Design Promotion

7th Place

Tiffany Luu, 12; Fundamental Accounting

Derrick Harrington, 11; Payroll Accounting

Morgan Stewart, 9; Basic Office Systems & Procedures

Zach Walden, 10; Computer Security

Abi Nelson, 9; Fundamental Desktop Publishing

8th Place

Koby Smith, 10; Fundamental Spreadsheet Applications

Brent Hogue, 12; PC Servicing & Troubleshooting

Carter Flinkman, 10; Basic Office Systems & Procedures

Macie Schroeder, 9; Fundamental Desktop Publishing

Amelie Zidarita, 9; Digital Publishing

9th Place

Abi Nelson ;Fundamental Spreadsheet Applications

10th Place

Jacob Dolezal, 11; Banking & Finance

Anna Wusterbarth, 12; Digital Publishing

Open Events:

Jacob Dolezal, 11; Financial Math & Analysis

Emma Shermer, 12; Administration Support

Gloria Gibler, 9; Business Meeting Management

Derrick Harrington, 12; Business Meeting Management

Christian Hawkins, 12; Computer Programming Concepts

Garrett Crites, 11; Computer Programming Concepts

Brayden Scott, 12; Computer Programming Concepts

Rylan DeGarmo, 11; Computer Programming Concepts

Christian Hawkins, 11; Information Technology

Kansas Merit Recipients:

Caden Janzen, 12

Caleb McCue, 12

Devin Adams, 12

Allyson Montgomery, 10

Gloria Gibler, 9