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Lindsey Keller

Welcome to Lindsey Keller’s Teacher Page

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What I Teach: Freshman Success 101, Sophomore World History, and Junior US History. 

  •  For more information concerning each class please go to my Educational Websites page for links to the corresponding Google classroom. 
  • For my detailed schedule please go to my Daily Schedule page. 

What I coach: JV Girls Basketball – Tryouts Nov. 13th 

How to Contact Me: My plan is 8:34 – 10:27 AM (2nd hour) 

  • Email (
  • Call (316)-794-4190 Ext. 34222


I have taught within Goddard Public Schools since 2014. I feel very blessed to coach and teach at one of the best districts in the state! I grew up attending Goddard schools, so this is home to me. I could not imagine myself anywhere else. After leaving high school, I attended Oklahoma State on a full-ride scholarship for basketball. Being a student-athlete and playing as number 25 was tons of work, but super fun as well.

WNIT champs

While at OSU, I obtained my Bachelor of Science for Secondary Education (a teaching degree) with an emphasis in Social Studies. During my time as an Okstate basketball player we were able to travel all over the country and even outside of the United States. After I left college basketball, I still carried with me a love to travel. I have traveled and visited the lower 48 and over 6 countries, I have every intention of continuing to travel for the rest of my life. 


My next big goal I want to accomplish and am currently working towards is to obtain both a Masters in Building Leadership, and complete my PhD in education as well. Hopefully I will have completed my PhD by 2023! With all that I have said so far, I have saved the most important aspect of my life for last; my family. I would not be anything if it were not for my family. They have walked with me through valleys and over mountains, always by my side. fam







And of course I have my 3 fur babies as well! They are officially apart of the family too!! I have Tama (black lab/collie mix), Tully (long hair black cat), and Kitty (striped cat). 


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Lindsey Keller

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