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Travis Rink


About Mr. Rink

Welcome! I grew up in Clearwater, KS as a Fighting Indian at Clearwater High School and graduated in 1990 along with 76 others. I then ventured to one of the best places in the universe, Kansas State University.  It was at KSU that I graduated and earned a degree in Secondary Education in 1995 with certifications to teach Chemistry, Biology, Earth/Space Science, and General Science. 

I entered the teaching field with my first position at Andover High School in 1995 teaching a number of science classes over the years including Chemistry, Biology, Geology, and Zoology. My wife, Jill and I, were married in 1998 and were both from Clearwater. In 2008, I earned a Masters degree from Wichita State University in Curriculum and Instruction.  In the fall of 2000, I moved west to Goddard where I began teaching at Goddard High School.  The move west was one of my best decisions professinally due to the great reputation of the Goddard Schools and GHS science program, headed up by the awe inspiring and great retired collegue and friend, Barry Schartz.  Courses taught included Chemistry, Honors Chemistry, Biology, and Physical Science.  In 2006, I earned a second Masters degree in Building Level Educational Leadership (aka admistration degree).  During this time, I also got involved  with scuba diving through a fellow science teacher, Mr. Barry Schartz.  We were able to take a number of students on trips scuba diving to great places such as Key West, Cozumel, and the British Virgin Islands while exploring the scientific principles involved.

In 2011, I decided to join an opportunity managing teacher training programs with an educational teaching technology company, Mimio.  Prior, in my classroom, I used a variety of Mimio teaching tools and software for a number of years to get students more engaged and interactive in the learning process.  Although leaving the classroom for this opportunity was a difficult decision, this was a great opportunity with many new challenges of working with teachers on a global scale to inspire them to better help their students. I've been able to travel the US as well as internationally to Europe and Central America to spread the greatness. Part of my role was to make a number of presentations at national education conventions including FETC, BETT, TCEA, NSTA, and ISTE regarding technology in the classroom which I continue to do to some extent.

This brings us to the fall of 2015 where I decided to rejoin a great school district and school once again at Goddard High School teaching chemistry and physical science again.  My career path changed once again as an opportunity to join the Eisenhower High School family as Assistant Principal/Activities Director became available in 2016. 

My wife, Jill, is a pharmacist at Harry Hynes Memorial Hospice in Wichita and also does some work for Wesley Hospital.  Madolynn is our oldest and will be a junior at Eisenhower High in the fall of 2017.  Ethan will be in 9th grade at Eisenhower High School.  Reagan will be in 5th grade at Discovery Intermediate.  

We are very fortunate in USD 265 to have a fantastic leadership team that is on the front lines daily on the legislative side and ensure that people really understand the impact of those decision made by others who really don't have the best interests in mind for the students of Kansas. Make sure to get your voice out there and VOTE in the upcoming elections.

Teaching is one of the most noble occupations with awesome responsibilities to make a lifelong difference in the life of a young person.  We have 1400 hours of contact with students in the school year to inspire, coach, create relationships, listen, ensure their safety, customize learning, and TEACH.  This is why I continue in the journey and welcome you along for the ride!