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KMEA - District & In-Service Workshop Information

KMEA - Kansas Music Educators Association
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Each year, high school students throughout the state of Kansas have the opportunity to audition to perform at District Festivals and at the KMEA In-Service Workshop.

Audtioning for KMEA

Students who wish to audition for the KMEA district orchestra and KMEA state orchestra will be expected to audition on music selected by the state. This music is posted in the Instrumental Music Room. Students who are taking private lessons have a higher rate of success for making the district and state orchestras and are generally audition ready prior to the start of a new school year. It is highly recommended that students who wish to audition seek private lessons as the scales and excerpts are extremely difficult. Please contact me for names and contact information of qualified instructors. District auditions will be held in November. When you are selected to a KMEA district orchestra you are then expected to continue on to compete for the State Orchestra. Live auditions are held in January in Salina, Kansas for State Orchestra. The All-State groups (State-wide Festival Groups) rehearse and perform in Wichita in February as part of the KMEA Conference. Every freshman through senior should consider auditioning for the District Orchestra. However, if as a freshman, you obtain a chair in district orchestra you will not be able audition for state KMEA. That is reserved for sophomores through seniors.

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KMEA District & All State Audition Scales and Exerpts

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