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Grading Procedures/Policies



Grades will be updated weekly and can be accessed at the following website:


The following grading scale will be used for grades in physical education. This scale is consistent with all other subject areas.

A=100-90%,   B=89-80%,      C=79-70%,      D=69-60%,     F=59% and below

  1. A daily grade will be given to each student every day.
  2. Daily grade is worth 10 points per day and is based on the following:
  • Absent/Injury/Illness Report
  • Tardy to Class
  • Required Uniform
  • Participation
  • Attitude/Respect
  1. Non-Suits may NOT be made up
  2. Make up work will be available by your teacher for excused absences only each semester.



  1. Fitness Tests
  2. Written Tests 




0 – (0%) Absent or no attempt to participate.



1 – (20%) Irresponsibility   - Does not come prepared to class, limited participation.



2 – (40%) Needs Attention – Listens to instructions and explanations when reminded.  Follows rules, routines, and procedures for safety when directly supervised.  Participates when encouraged to do so.  Needs support of the teacher to work with others and has difficulty resolving conflicts.



3 – (60%) Satisfactory – Listens to instructions and explanations, generally follows rules, routines, and procedures for safety.  Willing to participate in most tasks.  Evidence that confidence in developing.  Works with others and, when given support, will take on the responsibility for assigned roles.  Generally plays fairly and interacts safely with equipment.



4 – (80%) Good – Consistently listens to instructions and explanations, follows rules, routines, and procedures of safety.  Willingly participate, showing confidence and a positive attitude toward physical activity.  Works co-operatively, assumes responsibility for assigned roles, and provides encouragement to others.  Plays fairly and interacts safely with equipment.



5 – (100%) Outstanding – Listens intently to instructions and explanations, providing support to classmates when appropriate.  Follows rules, routines, and procedures for safety.  Exhibits a positive attitude, high level of participation, and willingly tries new task in confident manner.  Works with others cooperatively and collaboratively supports students of diverse skills, abilities and cultural backgrounds.  Provides classmates with positive constructive feedback.  Demonstrates etiquette and fair play.  Interacts with others and with equipment safely.  Displays leadership skills and assumes responsibility for assigned roles.