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Forensic Science Assignments

Go to LESSON PLANS calendar on this district website.  Click on the date the assigment was made and look to ASSIGNMENTS FILE for more details.  All assignments (except those with * are completed in class)

Forensic Assignments for August   2014

Due August 21—signature forms/parent consent forms*  (if needed, download from Forensic Science Lesson Plans, see date first week of school)

Due August 21—Learning Assessment* (if needed, download fromForensic Science Lesson Plans, see date first week of school)

Due August 25--Scientifc Scenarios (if need to download go to Forensice Science lesson plans, see date first week of school)

Due  August 28   Bio/Med Forensics in the News*; select an article in a news paper, magazine, TV or internet that is relevant to forensic science—i.e. cancer research, cells, microscopes, climate change, pollution, genetics, evolution, disease, human body advances, etc and answer the questions  (if needed, download worksheet from Biology Lesson Plans, see date first week of school)

 Due August 31   Microscope training lab--if missed lab must make appt with Ms. S to complete after school within 3 days

Due Sept 3    M & N Lab  (done in class)---requires form letter, budget sheet and table of date (see ppt on Sept 2 for details)--if missed lab must make appt with Ms. S to complete after school within 3 days

Due Sept 6     computer lab go to: click on Rookie Training and play as guest. Complete worksheet --see Sept 3 Forensic Science Lesson Plan attachment

Due Sept 6     Skittles Training Lab, see Sept 5 Forensic Science Lesson Plan attachment

Due Sept 12   Chromatography training and application lab (see worksheet)

Due Sept 12   DVD notes --The FBI

Due Sept 22   Osmosis/Diffusion Dialsis Tube Training Lab   --need to answer per team the 10 questions in the packet.  Then write the procedure including problem/? for experiment 1/2, materials list, procedure (detailed), data table (correctly labeled), make up 3 questions about your experiments and answer them,

Due Sept 22   St. Francis Hospital application lab (see Sept 21 download on Forensic Science Lesson Plans)

Sept 23     Crime Scene Basics power point notes

Sept 29    Crime Scene Trends (download from Sept 23 lesson plan)

Sept 29    Extra Credit--Crime Scene Clean Up  (download from Sept 23 lesson plan)

October 2   Crime Scene Sketch and suspect sketch (not graded--activity in class)

October 6 computer lab  (completed in class) go to:  ; ; follow the instructions on each webpage

October 17   Crime Scene Trends  (given out in class on October 3 and done for two weeks)  (On Demand Writing Assessment)

October 17   Download Crime Scene Investigation Guide and read pages 1-50

October 17  Protecting the Crime Scene worksheet   (see handouts given out on Thursday, October 2)  (On Demand Writing Assessment)

October 28  Electrophoresis Lab Write Up

October 31  Lyle and Louise An Identity Crisis

November 6   Gonzo's Fun World  (serial dilution)

November 11  Fermentation (Mitochondrial Energy Transfer)

November 14  Estimating Time of Death (in class lab)

Dec 1-2   computer lab-forensic anthropology

Dec 2-3   Antropometry lab

Dec 3-4  Skeletal Remains lab--identify bones lab

Dec 4-5 No Bones About It lab

Dec 5-8  You found a body, now what? lab

Dec 8-9  Determinating a Victim's Height lab

Dec 9-10  Determinating a Victim's Sex

January 6 Fingerprint lab

January 7  Classifying finger prints worksheet

January 8  Analyzing Fingerprints worksheet

January 9 webquest and computer lab worksheets; questions from classifying fingerprints lab

January 15  Lifting fingerprints training lab

January 20  Solving a crime with brain power worksheet

January 21  Linberg's kiddnapping handwriting analysis worksheet

January 23  How to analyze handwriting lab

January 27  shoe print identification training lab

January 30  shoe print, estimating height training lab

Feb. 4   bite marks and lip marks

feb 5.   tire prints

February 11  A House Divided

February 18   Hair Training Labs--Human Hair (part 1) and Animal Hair (Part 2)

February 20   Fibers as Evidence Training Lab

February 23   Fibers Worksheet  (given out in class on Feb 19)

March 4   A Burning Question lab worksheet

Due March 12 extra credit:  In the United States, the Dept of Homeland Security focuses primarily on the preservation of terrorism.  Terrorists typically rely on explosives to destroy their targets.  Research the Internet to learn how law-enforcement agencies prevent and respond to the threat of liquid explosives.  The write a one page essay that addresses the following:  1) discuss the August 10, 2006, plot to bomb airplanes traveling from the United Kingdom to the United States.  Had any similiar attempts ever occurred?  2) Discuss the various types of liquid explosives.  3) Explain the issues of detecting liquid explosives.  4) Why are liquid explosives especially dangerous? 5) Describe some probelms law-enforcement personnel are likely to have in detecting explosives in the future. 

Due March 12 extra credit:  Research the 1996 bombing of the Atlanta summer Olympic Games.  Write a brief essay (1 page) describing the events.  Include answers to the following questions in your essay:  1) explain the fears security officials had regarding the venue and potential security briefs. What forensic evidence was recovered at the scene?  2) Do you agree with the decision to continue with the Olympics?  Explain  

March 14   Glass as Evidence lab

March 23   Soil Analysis Lab

March 25   Soil as Evidence lab