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Ecology Educational Websites

Science of Tsunami

3 min video

Why Recycle Cans? Interactive with Al the Can

This website will teach you about the benefits of recycling cans. The game lives on the Facebook page of our youth-centric mascot “Al the Can,” and you can access it using this link:


The game takes the form of a narrative about the life cycle of a can. Your students will be able to create personalized narratives by using the drop-down menus to fill in the blanks throughout the story, making the activity a more memorable, personal and shareable experience. The facts about cans that are sprinkled between the fill-in-the-blank sections (e.g., "recycling just 50 cans saves enough energy for a 20 minute ride to ___") will educate students and encourage recycling participation while keeping them entertained and engaged. 

Years of Living Dangerously--Dry Year

Premier episode  also available from:

video--lighting produces nitrates


Video--global ocean circultation


Video--nutrients from deep sea vents


How Wolves Change Rivers

4:33 min--watch this during Freshwater Biome section

Ecology is...




Garbage Warrior

88 min

Garbage Island of the Pacific


Garbage Island


Making Mountains out of landfills


Recycling Aluminum Cans




Bottled Water and Plastic


Multi steam recycling


The Power of Recycling


Recylcing Glass


Story of Stuff

select videos from this webpage

If Antarctica Melted


Hydrosphere 2 of 2


Life After People


Planet Earth Series

go to this website to view the segments of the series on each of Earth's Biomes

John Muir biography part 1 of 2


John Muir Biography part 2 of 2


Bozeman Science videos


Living the Silent Spring--Agent Orange


Ecological Succession


How the Earth was Made Chapter 3


How Fossils Got Their Name chapter 3


Pacific Ring of Fire


Yellowstone eruption


National Geographic Colliding Continents chapter 3


Thermohaline chapter 3


Ecosystems Compenents chapter 4


Animal Behavior


Ecological Niche Chapter 4


Ecological Succession Chapter 5


How Ecosystems Work-chapter 5


Energy Flow in Biosphere--chapter 5


Energy Flow in Biosphere chapter 5


Biochemical Cycles Chapter 5


Hydrosphere 1 of 2


Into the Blue (oceans)


Blue Planet

go to this website to view segments of the series on oceans

Air Quality chapter 18


Types of Coal


Coal--60 minutes special


Nuclear Power


11th hour


Habitat Desctruction and Ecosystems Services


Environmental Sustainability


EPA Videos


World Water Day


Human Impact on the Environment


Bottle and Biosphere


Story of Stuff Economic Solutions


Endangered Species


Legacy of Silent Spring--Rachel Carson


Homeostatic Distributions

12 min

BioAlgae Fuel


Biochemical Natural Cycles Song


Communities video

13min video

Ecosystems video

14 min video

Abiotic and Biotic video


Information Exchange video


Environmental Matter Exchange video


Ecosystem Change video

12 min

Solar Panels


Biodiversity video


Population Variation video


Science of Ice

from 2014 olympics

Science of Snow

from 2014 olympics

Salmon in the Trees--Tongass National Forest video

Tongass National Forest video  (2:30min)

Care 2


Virtual Hikes through our National Pakrs


Plate Tectonic Simulation


Wonderful World of Waste


Earth Science Week


Geo Kansas


What causes cave formations (spelethems)?


Lechgullia Cave


Geography 4 Kids


Dynamic Planet Computer Lab #2

use with computer lab worksheet

Plate Tectonics


Dynamic Planet Computer lab

use this site with worksheet

How to conserve water in your bath room


Action Bio Science

Action Bio Science articles web site  Use this site for your outside reading reports

Scientific Method

Scientific Method   interactive site

Environmental Facts Online

Environmental Facts Online and enter your ZIP code Environmental Facts Online

When you would want it:  To learn more about companies near your neighborhood that are regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency.  You can check compiance records and get details on teh amount of chemicals released to the air and water.

How to get it:  Go to and enter your ZIP code

You Oughta Know--Environmental Facts

You Oughta Know--Environmental Facts  

Each Monday, The Wichita Eagle highlights a government record that is available to the public.  Open records help people keep govement in check and help them better undertand how government affects their lives.

What it is:  Facts about the environment, available by ZIP code or city

When you would want it:  To learn more about companies near your neighborhood that are regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency.  You can check compiance records and get details on teh amount of chemicals released to the air and water.

How to get it:  Go to and enter your ZIP code

How much it will cost:  The information is FREE

Think Green Streamer
A new online tool released by the U.S. Department of the Interior allows users to select any major stream and trace it up to its sources or down to its watershed. Streamer is a new way to visualize and understand water flow across America. With Streamer you can explore our Nation's major streams by tracing upstream to their source or downstream to where they empty. In addition to making maps, Streamer creates reports about your stream traces and the places they pass through.
Streamer is fueled by fundamental map data for the United States at one million-scale from the National Atlas.


Recycling Facts Guide

Recycling Facts Guide Recycling Facts Guide item options Hide Details

great resource for your recycling presentation in class
Super Heros Waste Sorting Game

Super Heros Waste Sorting Game Super Heros Waste Sorting Game item options Hide Details

Get Caught Recycling

Get Caught Recycling  

 Why Recycle?

How Can I Recycle?

Where Can I Recycle?

What is E-Trash?

My Garbology

My Garbology Interactive  


Use for Recycle Computer Lab worksheet.

Recycle Bank

Recycle Bank   Then click on earn points

Explore the everyday green actions below to earn Recyclebank Points and use your points to get rewards.

Recycle City

Recycle City  

Use to complete Recycle Computer Lab Worksheet

Waste Watcher

Waste Watcher Interactive Game  

Kansas Recycles

Find out more about the Why and How of recycling. We'll link you to lots of good info.

Ready to start recycling but aren't sure where to go? Our interactive map lets you search by location and material type

Search our database for industry contacts that will help expand your recycling business.

Wasted Interactive

Wasted interactive  

Environmental Landfills Blog

Environmental Blog re landfills  

How Wind Turbines Work


Energy Systems and Ecosystems


National Geographic Videos

go to this web page to view a series of environmental videos

Who Killed the Electric Car?


History Channel Earth Day Videos


PBS Nature


What Plants talk about


Rules for living on Earth


Live Cams of Wildlife


Blue Planet


Human Impacts on Earth


Overpopulation and its impacts on Earth


Is Earth Overpopulated?


Human Footprint


Earth's Atmosphere


Atmospheric Layers


REnewables--made in Germany


Clouds--the climate's wildcard


The Beauty of Pollination


Global Issues--21st Century Concepts


A Sand County Almanac


Advancing the Land Ethic


Lab Safety