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This year I’ll be teaching Honors English 12, Public Speaking, and College Prep (my schedule is located on the “Daily Schedule” tab at the left). 

In general, I update Skyward on Fridays. (Here’s a link to Skyward.) However, please understand that it takes a bit longer to grade formal essays; I’ll update those as I finish them.

All of my policies for late work, tardies, etc. can be found in the syllabus for each class. I’ve provided links to those documents below:

Honors English 12

Public Speaking

Once you’ve read through the syllabus for your class(es), please print out, sign, and return the syllabus acknowledgement form

Join Codes for Google Classroom:

1st hour: 52x5yvq

2nd hour: t6a1uu

4th hour: 8osfrtn

6th hour: npwb3

7th hour: uq1fo5z

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me:

By phone: (316) 794-4190 ext. 34136 (Please call before or after school or during my planning period. It’s difficult to have an important conversation with a classroom full of teenagers.)

By email: mmarinelli1@goddardusd.com

Let’s have a great year and go Tigers!




Melisa Marinelli

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