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Award Winners

Past & Present Award Winning Students 

2017 State Competition

1st Place:  
Ian Young Intermediate Word Processing
Abigail Kamke Advanced Word Processing
Katie Carr Database Applications
Nick Hogue Visual Basic/C# Programming
Alison Parker Fundamental Desktop Publishing
Grant Colthier OPEN: Computer Programming Concepts
Josh Garrelts OPEN: Information Technology Concepts
Micah Cash Entrepreneurship
Mary Lull, Kassidy Ballinger Computer Animation Team
Matt Davis OPEN: MMHR
2nd Place:  
Tyler McGreevy OPEN: Financial Math & Analysis
Sadie Mason Fundamental Word Processing
Kassidy Ballinger Fundamental Desktop Publishing
3rd Place:  
Josh Garrelts Integrated Office Applications
Emma Shermer Basic Office Systems & Procedures
Katie Carr Advanced Spreadsheet Applications
Caleb Janzen Database Applications
Nick Hogue Computer Security
Josh Garrelts OPEN: Computer Programming Concepts
Katie Wells Computer Modeling

Caitlyn Bosley, Chance Yelverton,

Cameron Bradley

Video Production Team

Cameron McGinley, Caleb McCue,

Keegan Morris

Web Site Design Team
Morgan Turney Presentation Management – Individual
4th Place:  
Tanner Cole, Caleb Janzen Financial Analyst – Team
Cole Streit Integrated Office Applications
Mason Perkin Fundamental Spreadsheet Applications
Lexandra Flippo Advanced Spreadsheet Applications
Abby Kamke Medical Office Procedures
Devin Adams OPEN: Computer Programming Concepts
Katie Wells Graphic Design Promotion
MacKenna Gee Digital Publishing
Cameron McGinley Computer Modeling
Kensey Arlt Human Resource Management
5th Place:  
Tanner King Payroll Accounting
Caleb McCue  Fundamental Spreadsheet Applications
Tyler McGreevy Advanced Spreadsheet Applications
Emilly Smith Database Applications
Thomas Lazarus PC Servicing & Troubleshooting
Josh Garrelts Visual Basic/C# Programming
Jacob Abel  Computer Modeling
Abby Montgomery OPEN: MMHR
6th Place:  
Taylor Daughtery Payroll Accounting
Emma Shermer Fundamental Word Processing
Jacob Koss Integrated Office Applications
Blake Schwartz Database Applications
Jordan Greene Visual Basic/C# Programming
Sophie Mason Fundamental Desktop Publishing
Alec Stewart Entrepreneurship
Kensey Arlt Presentation Management – Individual
8th Place:  
Braeden Scott Fundamental Word Processing
Matt Davis  OPEN: Computer Programming Concepts
9th Place:  
Aaron Embry Advanced Spreadsheet Applications
10th Place:  
Tanner King Fundamental Accounting/College Accounting
Braden Allen  Fundamental Word Processing
Lexandra Flippo Fundamental Desktop Publishing
Kansas Merit:  
Caleb Janzen  
Josh Garrelts  
Taylor Daugherty  
Abby Kamke  
Abby Montgomery  
Jordan Greene  

2016 National Competition

9th Place:  
Chance Yelverton SQL
Jacob Abel Computer Modeling
10th Place:  
Victoria Johnson & Abby Montgomery Global Marketing

2016 State Competition

1st Place:  
Hunter Briggs Database Applications
Tristan Rufle PC Servicing and Troubleshooting
Aaron Kamke Computer Security
Andrew Parker Visual Basic
Chance Yelverton SQL

Victoria Johnson, Abby Montgomery,

Jadon Sananikone

Global Marketing
2nd Place:  
Justin McGinley Personal Financial Management
Jason Bornowsky Fundamental Spreadsheets
Tyler McGreevy Advanced Spreadsheets
Tristan Rufle Database Applications
Christina Behrens Digital Publishing
Jacob Abel Computer Modeling
3rd Place:  

Jack Talifero, Tanner Cole, Caleb Janzen,

Taylor Daughtery

Financial Analyst Team
Hunter Briggs Computer Security
Andrew Parker C++ Programming
Alison Parker Desktop Publishing
Kensey Arlt Human Resourcement Management
4th Place:  
Jordan Greene Advance Spreadsheets
Josh Garrelts Database Applications
Sean Cowley PC Servicing and Troubleshooting
Matt Davis Computer Security
Matt Davis Computer Modeling
5th Place:  
Ethan Mount Database Applications
Brady Kress Visual Basic
Shamaree Arnold Digital Publishing
Grant Clothier Computer Modeling
Open Events:  
Jack Taliafero Administration Support Concepts
Tristan Rufle Computer Programming Concepts & Information Technology Concepts
Kensey Arlt Business Meeting Managment

Justin McGinley

Kaden Robinson

Alec Stewart

Project Management

2015 National Competition

2nd  Place:  
Tristan Rufle Database Applications
3rd Place:  
Andrew Parker C++ Programming
5th Place:  
Caleb Douglas Digital Publishing

2015 State Competition

1st Place:  
Zach Congleton Payroll Accounting
Chance Yelverton Fundamental Spreadsheet Applications
Tanner Cole Advanced Spreadsheet Applications
Tristan Rufle Database Applications
Aaron Kamke PC Servicing & Troubleshooting
Andrew Parker C++ Programming
Andrew Parker Visual Basic/ C+ Programming
2nd Place:  
Zach Congleton Financial Analyst Team
Tanner Cole Financial Analyst Team
Jack Taliaferro Financial Analyst Team
Kaden Robinson Fundamental Word Processing
Jordan Greene Fundamental Spreadsheet Applications
Tristan Tevis Database Applications
Sean Cowley PC Servicing & Troubleshooting
Sean Cowley Information Technology Concepts
Sean Cowley Computer Security
Brady Kress Visual Basic/ C+ Programming
3rd Place:  
Zach Radabaugh PC Servicing & Troubleshooting
Chance Yelverton SQL Database Fundamentals
Riley Doheimer Advanced Word Processing
Justin McGinley Management, Marketing & Human Resources
Aaron Kamke Computer Security
4th Place:  
Joel Sparks Administrative Support Team
Austin Anderson Administrative Support Team
Andrew Eberly Administrative Support Team
Matt Walburn Administrative Support Team
Zach Radabaugh Computer Network Technology
Tanner Cole Personal Financial Management Concepts
5th Place:  
Caleb Douglas Digital Publishing
Justin McGinley Global Marketing Team
Katherine Rankin Presentation Management
Caleb Douglas Presentation Management
Zach Congleton Administrative Support Concepts
Hunter Briggs Computer Security
Ryan Lee Extemporaneous Speech

National Contestants   

2014 National Competition

1st Place:  
Madison Thornburg Interview Skills
Top 10:  
Aaron Kamke Computer Security
Brennan Stemple, Dilyn Fullerton, Jared Beauchamp, Levi Lanzarth Financial Analyst

2014 State Competition

1st Place:  
Brennan Stemple Payroll Accounting
Scott Gonzalez Video Promotion Team
Justin Ekrut Video Promotion Team
Katherine Rankin Video Promotion Team
Ryan Lee Management, Marketing & Human Resources Concepts
Joel Sparks Computer Programming Concepts
2nd Place:  
Brennan Stemple Financial Analyst Team
Dilyn Fullerton Financial Analyst Team
Jared Beauchamp Financial Analyst Team
Levi Lanzrath Financial Analyst Team
Madison Thornburg Interview Skills
3rd Place:  
Justin McGinley Management, Marketing & Human Resources Concepts
Matthew Walburn Advanced Spredsheet Applications
4th Place:  
Aaron Kamke Computer Security
Blake Schwartz Digital Publishing with InDesign
Zach Radabaugh PC Servicing and Troubleshooting
5th Place:  
Zach Congleton Payroll Accounting
Logan Cressler Database Applications
Andrew Eberly Fundamentals of Web Design
Madison Thornburg Prepared Speech
6th Place:  
Dawson Pickert Basic Office Systems & Productions
Justin McGinley Economic Research Project
7th Place:  
Andrew Eberly PC Servicing and Troubleshooting
9th Place:  
Ryan Lee Fundamental Desktop Publishing